[Pharo-dev] TxText model

Stephan Eggermont stephan at stack.nl
Mon Apr 4 09:41:13 EDT 2016

On 04-04-16 14:49, Igor Stasenko wrote:
> Oh, and aside all of that.. Making a full-fledged word processor is not
> just a regular engineering task. You need an expert of publishing, expert
> in fonts and typography. That's right from the beginning.
> And i am not that expert in this domain(s).
> So, next time, when we start talking about things like page layouts,
> columns, margins, tabs, references and other stuff, first find an expert
> who will be able to transform these terms into technical requirements.
> If you think it so simple, it is not: because all those terms came from
> paper-publishing domain, that existed even before first computer came to
> existence.
> The capabilities of TxText and whether it will be capable to handle well
> complexities of full-fledged word processing features, at this point,
> without having an expert is nothing but just a speculation.

I know enough about typesetting and producing technical documentation.


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