[Pharo-dev] TxText model

Igor Stasenko siguctua at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 09:10:46 EDT 2016

On 4 April 2016 at 15:44, Thierry Goubier <thierry.goubier at gmail.com> wrote:
> Have you really looked into what is the core of the TeX algorithm? The
> fact that an interactive version of it was done multiple times in history?
> (Self / InterViews to cite the ones I know and have used)
Nope. Text processing was never on radar of my interests.
And fact that we can reproduce same functionality in our environment won't
bring us anywhere closer to LaTex or any other word-processing beasts.
As i said, being able to make rocket engine doesn't means you can travel to
the Moon. Or Mars. Yes, it is minimal requirement.. but just one of many.

Best regards,
Igor Stasenko.
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