[Pharo-dev] Bloc, Athens, Pharo5 advice

J.F. Rick self at je77.com
Sun Apr 3 18:24:25 EDT 2016

Hi everybody,

I've been off doing a seaside project which really had me using Pharo more
than doing anything new to develop for it. Now, I'm in the project where I
get to do some more fun stuff on multi-touch interfaces in Pharo. It seems
like Pharo has made major progress in that direction so I'd like to take
advantage of this progress and also contribute to it. But, I'm a bit
confused about the current state, whether it is usable for my project, and
how I can contribute to it.

First, a little about the hardware I will be working with. At home
(development), I have a Dell XPS27 running Ubuntu. It has native
multi-touch capabilities. At work (deployment), I have a Mac Mini (OS X)
hooked up to a 4k display and get multi-touch information through TUIO. In
the past, I used a separate program to turn the Dell touch input into TUIO
and then process it inside Pharo (pretty easy). It seems like I should use
OSWindow support these days to deal with native input on the Dell and then
modify my TUIO adaptor to create those events. Is that correct? If so, how
do I get started on that? Do I need a special VM? Is the OSWindow code in
Pharo5 or do I need other packages?

Last time around (~2 years ago), I started using Athens for rendering
multi-touch graphics and it worked fairly well (great fast vector
rendering). It seems like Athens has been put into Bloc, which is a
framework to replace Morphic. OSWindow support also seems to be linked to
Bloc. Is Bloc solid enough where I could use it to create an application?
If it is fairly far along, I'd be happy to use it and contribute back to
it. Again, is this just in Pharo5 or do I have to load different packages?
Is there any documentation I can look at (code examples are fine)? I've
already looked at the things I found on Google.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any advice on how to get up to speed and perhaps how
I can contribute. At minimum, I have some existing multi-touch applications
that I could share, thereby giving good demos of Pharo multi-touch


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