[Pharo-dev] Catching Exceptions without any notice

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Fri Apr 1 14:52:57 EDT 2016


I do not think that aliaksei is not taking care.
He is working a lot to make sure that Pharo will have a future from the 
UI perspective. He is spending all his free time
on Bloc and what he is doing is massive. He rewrote the AthensCairoBack 
end to optimise it for Bloc local coordinates.
I'm sure that if someone would have propose some help to him he would 
have gladly accepted.

I personnaly thank him for all the energy that he is putting into Bloc. 
The talk at PharoDays was showing really nice results.
Bloc is really getting to be really nice and change the face of Pharo 
for the next decades so we should encourage people doing

So instead of bashing someone, I would prefer that we help him.
Yes Pharo has some code that we do not like and I have my own list. Now 
the best things to do is to
improve code review and to fix when we see something wrong.


Le 1/4/16 05:54, Igor Stasenko a écrit :
> A perfect example of careless programming.
> "I'll do it my way, and if it causing any problems, i don't care and i 
> will just ignore them. And it's not my problem anyways, i went to 
> something else already, since this part is works and DONE"
> :)
> On 30 March 2016 at 14:33, Nicolai Hess <nicolaihess at gmail.com 
> <mailto:nicolaihess at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Please don't do this:
>     updateHeight
>         "no need to care about height, when it's logic is not customized"
>         self layout isHeightCustom ifFalse: [ ^ self ].
>         [ self bounds: (self brickBounds withHeight: self customHeight) ]
>             on: Exception
>             do: [ "just skip and do nothing" ]
>     This makes debugging GLM/Brick ui/layout code with "self haltOnce"
>     impossible.
>     see
>     GLMBrickGeometryTrait>>#updateHeight
>     GLMBrickGeometryTrait>>#updateWidth
>     And if you log out the raised exception, you see some calls to
>     not initialized fonts and a ZeroDevide and some more errors.
>     The above catch, catches and hides wrong / to late initialized
>     objects.
> -- 
> Best regards,
> Igor Stasenko.

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