[Pharo-dev] Pharo is Smalltalk… and Not

Sean P. DeNigris sean at clipperadams.com
Wed Apr 30 16:17:54 EDT 2014

All of the arguments why Pharo is Smalltalk are correct.

Let me tell you a story... 
My friends and I are planning a trip to Spain. I am explaining that in
Spanish, "yo" - which means "hi" in English slang - means "l". They are
arguing passionately that "yo" means "hi" and presenting evidence upon
evidence to prove it. Then I snap back that, no, "yo" definitely means "I".
Ridiculous, right? Sounds kind of like a Monty Python skit.

Well, Pharo is planning a trip to the programming world of non-Smalltalkers.
I am explaining that in Ruby, "Smalltalk" - which means "a language with a
development environment written in itself which both were designed to
continually evolve*" in the Smalltalk community - means "Smalltalk-80". My
friends are arguing passionately that "Smalltalk" means the former and
presenting evidence upon evidence to prove it.

Both of these disagreements fail to take into account that truth is
contextual and language imprecise.

So please, please, please, please, please, no more theses on why Pharo is
Smalltalk, or why it's not. It's neither, and both, and more!

We're talking about effectively marketing to non-Smalltalkers, and our
theory (only time will tell) is: for our first initial sound bite,
Smalltalk-inspired (or silent about Smalltalk, which I think may be even
better) will be more intention revealing to the target audience than
Smalltalk. Either way, we're going to have to do some more explaining if
they're interested in hearing more. But with the first, maybe, they will be
interested in hearing more before being turned off by a preconceived (and
incomplete) notion of what "Smalltalk" is.

But there is a valid question here of how to manage the inevitable
misunderstandings... I'll posted some ideas for that in a bit...

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