[Pharo-dev] good article on mainstream adoption of programming languages

Johan Brichau johan at inceptive.be
Wed Apr 30 15:55:36 EDT 2014

> Yet it worked like a charm because developers loved the fact that they had in their hand a huge monolithic platform that could satisfy their wildest dream as far as library support went through. And on top that platform was cross platform. 

Sounds like Smalltalk :-)

Don't get me wrong: a language without libraries is like an OS without applications, but the point is that most of the unpopular languages have sufficient libraries. After doing Smalltalk for over 15 years, I still discover things inside the libraries that come with a standard image. 

And yes, some libraries will attract people: office libraries in .net, RoR in Ruby, etc...

I think once sufficient libraries are present, an active community is more important (in the absence of large company backing) and libraries are a consequence.

But hey, we should probably go have a beer over this ;-)


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