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Sean P. DeNigris sean at clipperadams.com
Wed Apr 30 12:04:53 EDT 2014

One of Simon Sinek's core ideas is that people "buy" your product because
they believe what you believe, and that the why needs to come first to suck
them in.

Until we decide on the perfect wording, I would at least:
- change the heading from "The live programming environment" to "The
immersive programming experience"
- combine the top section and the why section into:
"Pharo gives you immediate and total control over your programming
experience. Focused on simplicity, cleanness, and immediate feedback, it is
a pure object-oriented programming language <italics>and</italics> a clean,
beautiful, innovative environment (think IDE and OS rolled into one). It is
open source and available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.
- it puts the why first
- someone on reddit specifically said that "environment" doesn't really
clear anything up for them; thus "(think IDE and OS rolled into one)"
- moves the most nitty gritty implementation details to the rear (e.g.
platform support)

But I would seriously consider my other suggestion (the one starting with
"Do you want total, immediate control..."). It may sound a bit cheesy with
our engineer hats on, but I've had a lot of marketing/branding training, and
bold, emotionally appealing stuff like this is pure gold.

And for the release snippet, I would change from: "Pharo, the programming
language, live IDE and core library has a new release!" to maybe "Pharo -
the programming language and core library immersed in a live IDE (all
written in itself!) - has a new release!" to highlight the key points

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