[Pharo-dev] 3.0 Welcome text

Ben Coman btc at openInWorld.com
Tue Apr 29 21:52:07 EDT 2014

Some feedback on the Pharo 3.0 Release welcome text.


 From watching the Ruby conference video from another recent thread, use 
of the word "immersive" really caught my attention.
As well, from another recent thread, newcomers probably don't care if 
its Smalltalk - either actual or inspired.

So lets sell the strongest outside marketing message first...

  Welcome to Pharo, an immersive live programming environment.

rather than

  Welcome to Pharo, a clean, innovative, free, and open-source 
Smalltalk-inspired environment.


Newcomers wont know how to "execute" a statement, so...
  You can learn pharo by highlighting the next line and selecting [Do 
it] from the context menu:
rather than
  You can learn pharo by executing:
(Later reference to "executing" is okay.)

 > Better [ackaging for standard download
Better packaging for standard download

 >Browser the documentation http://www.pharo.org/documentation
Browsing the documentation http://www.pharo.org/documentation

 >Getting the Pharo By Example book (available as a free PDF):
(This is the only line with a colon, remove that.)

Maybe move "New class builder" under Kernel heading .
Maybe change "More" heading to "Tools"

cheers -ben

btw, it would be really cool if URLs within comments were automatically 
identified and clickable to launch an external browser.

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