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Sebastian Sastre sebastian at flowingconcept.com
Tue Apr 29 13:14:48 EDT 2014

On Apr 29, 2014, at 2:08 PM, Ben Coman <btc at openInWorld.com> wrote:

> Why do some people prefer rock music and others classical music?   Its about the patterns they know.  Our brains naturally try to cram each experience into a pattern it already knows.  I remember when I used to dislike Jazz music - I couldn't "understand it".  Then I started to listen to Jamiroquai a lot - a funky Jazz/Techno hybrid.   Then later I found that I had learned to like Jazz - I could now "understand it" and know its patterns - but I needed a stepping stone to get there.  It might be that some starts using Pharo with their favourite text editor as a comfort factor, as a stepping stone, and then migrates over time to the standard editors.  So that is a path to draw in new users - but of course that takes effort to set up.
> cheers -ben

This is interesting, you’re talking of acquired taste here.

Things that needs time and context and repetition to sink in.

What’s also interesting is Jamiroquai, because he’s work was your bridge to Jazz.

He did the inception.

Now the question is this:

Who in the industry is functioning as our Jamiroquai?

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