[Pharo-dev] Amber-Pharo based coding dojo in a coworking space

Sebastian Sastre sebastian at flowingconcept.com
Tue Apr 29 09:42:03 EDT 2014

On Apr 29, 2014, at 10:22 AM, Nicolas Petton <petton.nicolas at gmail.com> wrote:

>> I’m trying to convince Nico to do that for *ages* but he does not sees
>> the advantages/coolness of that approach. 
> Esteban,
> That is just not true (and unfair).
> I in fact started a project called Nemo with Ben some time ago but my
> time is limited just like everyone else. People have worked on it since
> then, but AFAIK it's still far from being complete.
> Cheers,
> Nico

sounds cool

But we should address that problem, right?

The only way I see is by throwing more talent on the problem

Here is one thing that accelerates that process and catalyses everything and we are NOT doing:

1. workshops, barcamps, talks, breaking our faces shamelessly out there and taking notes on the feedback we hear and share with smalltalkers
2. having regular hangouts to expand all that, wildly

Here is another thing we can do:

1. stay like it is now and 
2. loose current talent 

If we take the first road we don’t know what could happen

If we take the second road, we know what will happen

The problem is not being small, the problem is thinking small and preserving that attitude

So the question is are we willing to review the things that we’re doing that aren’t bringing the results we expect? and what’s the action decided for next week? and the next?

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