[Pharo-dev] Amber-Pharo based coding dojo in a coworking space

kilon alios kilon.alios at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 09:03:32 EDT 2014

I was talking mainly about the IDE and other areas where Pharo and Amber
overlap. I think Amber is awesome for what it is and should be kept
developed independently.

"If your ass is being kicked by AngularJS <https://angularjs.org/> or
Meteor<https://www.meteor.com/> because
you reach the goal faster using those, your next contract is not to be
powered by Amber."

is this not the cases if you cannot beat them join them ? Do you seriously
believe Amber or Pharo can compete AngularJS , correct me if I am wrong,
when behind this framework is Google itself ?

"In regard to Pharo, becoming Amber friendly is “attracting javascript
people to the smalltalk world” are you joking? is the best marketing
strategy Pharo can dream about!"

Did I said anything against that ? I agree that is great.

"With some add ons Amber can do the things Meteor does in the front end."

Thats all great but again I ask why not leverage the power of Meteor.js for
Amber and Pharo in the first place and sprinkle it with some smalltalk
libraries to bring it closer to Smalltalk philosophy ? Isnt this the whole
point of doing OOP, to reuse code ?

Why should it be Amber / Pharo vs the Others ? Instead as "Amber a way to
make your favorite javascript libraries even easier and more accessible /

Do you seriously believe people will give JS for Amber alternatives ?

No thats not a best marketing strategy.
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