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Mon Apr 28 15:59:09 EDT 2014

For some reason, you are under the impression that I focus on the Smalltalk
community. I have no intention of going there. Our goal is precisely the
opposite - the developer community at large.

It is precisely for this reason that I will keep on saying that Pharo is a
modern language and environment that people should look at and that happens
to be inspired by Smalltalk.

You see, when something is dead (and this is what Smalltalk is in the mind
of everyone else that is not in our inner circle) you need a miracle.
Miracles are hard to produce, but magic isn't. We are actually pretty good
at magic, so I will pick a game in which magic will do just fine. Hence,
Pharo is Pharo and all the magic that comes with it.


On Mon, Apr 28, 2014 at 9:33 PM, Sebastian Sastre <
sebastian at flowingconcept.com> wrote:

> On Apr 28, 2014, at 3:24 PM, Tudor Girba <tudor at tudorgirba.com> wrote:
> So, what is better as a communication strategy:
> - to say that Pharo is "a Smalltalk with traits, modular compiler, slots
> and moldable debugger, ... (more to come in this list)", or
> - to say that Pharo "is a modern Smalltalk-inspired system?"
> ?
> The first pitch totally sucks of course but for the sake of getting to
> your point, it depends on who the audience is, right?
> If you’re trying too hard to differentiate yourself from other Smalltalk
> dialects, then *“modern Smalltalk-inspired system” *might have a chance.
> But what that chance might lead you to? What’s the best thing that can
> happen with that strategy?
> That you steal some market space for your preferred dialect in a zero-sum
> game of an already very small community?
> Okay, let’s talk about the opposite direction. A non-zero-sum game. What
> about trying to connect with a wider audience? You’ll need something that
> serves as foundation to build on top of. Something inspiring.
> Now let’s do the numbers..
> A) What’s the size of the whole smalltalk community? what you can have
> from it? 2%? 10%? 20% conversion? let’s say you get 80% because you’re
> amazing beyond disbelief.
> B) What’s the size of the whole dynamic technology community? if you get
> 0.001% from it you multiplied the smalltalkers on the surface of this
> planet by x100 times
> So what strategy really deserves your effort?
> For me it’s pretty clear where the winner and looser communication
> strategy resides, I actually saw it in action and it wasn’t even hard. I
> also assume we’re for a winner strategy but I actually have no idea on how
> Pharo is managing its branding and Smalltalk has still to prove to itself
> it can actually market itself properly


"Every thing has its own flow"
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