[Pharo-dev] Stable Mac VM for latest 3.0?

stepharo stepharo at free.fr
Mon Apr 28 07:08:44 EDT 2014

Hi henrik

I downloaded vm 338 and the latest image 30836 and I could not reproduce 
your problem.

     Smalltalk vm buildDate  'Mac Cocoa Cog 5.8b12 21-Sep-10 
     so the build date looks bogus to me

Smalltalk vm platformSourceVersion
     did not work either.

On 24/4/14 12:52, Henrik Johansen wrote:
> I tried loading Roassal3d into 30830 using
> Gofer new smalltalkhubUser: 'ronsaldo' project: 'roassal3d'; package: 'ConfigurationOfRoassal3d'; load. (Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfRoassal3d) loadDevelopment
> using both the VM linked at
> http://files.pharo.org/vm/pharo/mac/Pharo-VM-mac-stable.zip (from December?)
> and the latest successful from CI
> https://ci.inria.fr/pharo/view/3.0-VM/job/PharoVM/Architecture=32,Slave=vm-builder-mac/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/337.zip
> And both crash for me during load (attached  report)...
> Anyone know where a VM which works is located?
> Cheers,
> Henry

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