[Pharo-dev] Differences when loading metacello stable configurations

Guillermo Polito guillermopolito at gmail.com
Sun Apr 27 07:55:19 EDT 2014

Hi guys!

I'm having different behaviors when loading metacello configurations using
the configuration directly and using gofer:

"This loads well"
Gofer it smalltalkhubUser: 'DBXTalk' project: 'DBXTalkDriver';
package: 'ConfigurationOfOpenDBXDriver';
(ConfigurationOfOpenDBXDriver project version: #stable)
load: 'default'

"This tries to load the version 1.2 of the configuration which is not
stable and doesn't work on pharo3..."
Gofer it smalltalkhubUser: 'DBXTalk' project: 'DBXTalkDriver';
configurationOf: 'OpenDBXDriver';
loadVersion: #stable.

Apparently that's because...

In GoferMetacelloLoad>>metacelloVersion

It tries to fetch the first the latest version for a blessing and just
afterwards it tries to get the explicit version...

And yes!

ConfigurationOfOpenDBXDriver project latestVersion: #stable => 1.2

But that is using the blessing... So yes, blessing of version 1.2 is stable.

Shouldn't the #loadVersion: from Gofer behave the same as Metacello?

Anyways, I can change the blessing of my old version I think, that can
solve my problem quickly :)

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