[Pharo-dev] Debugging in Production Servers

Sebastian Sastre sebastian at flowingconcept.com
Fri Apr 25 16:38:02 EDT 2014

On Apr 25, 2014, at 7:01 AM, askoh <askoh at askoh.com> wrote:

> Thanks for all the comments. Let me distilled what I have learned. Correct me
> if I am wrong.
> In Smalltalk:
> Production environment and development environment are very similar if not
> identical.
> Runtime and debug modes are identical. So, debugging is instantaneous
> available.
> Debugging occurs at the context of the exception itself - not in a handler
> or somewhere else.
> Debugger, nah, the whole environment allows doit's, code changes and resumes
> always.
> Reflection is constantly available for debugging and logging.
> Can we coin a term for these capabilities/properties? Can we define a
> standard to gauge programming environments?

great question, yeah I can validate that for airflowing.

Those features allowed us to do hot maintenance more than once

At least a couple of times we did it live with a real customer on the other side, it was really great but don’t get too excited, managing a real bug and a real customer's perception both at the same time requires a lot of muscle



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