[Pharo-dev] What is forum (was Re: Pharo Crashes)

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Thu Apr 24 10:26:12 EDT 2014

FYI: Forum is available in the config browser. 

Interesting enough in a recent image Pharo3.0 Latest update: #30829
the ConfigurationOfForum is not visible in Versionner after loading the config into the image
(although the class ConfigurationOfForum is there).

May be related to the slot class builder issue that is currently discussed.

It works and shows up in Versionner when I use an older one (Pharo3.0
Latest update: #30814 for instance)


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Betreff: [Pharo-dev] What is forum (was Re: Pharo Crashes)

Esteban wrote:
>what is forum? 
The workshop image for 'Back to the future, (re)learn smalltalk’.
The workshop is targeted at experienced developers
and focuses on what’s different in smalltalk.  
It has a QCMagritte/Bootstrap based beginning of a Seaside 
application which the participants have to extend. 

The workshop exercises are in a glamour browser, as are some code quality visualizations.


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