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Camille Teruel camille.teruel at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 08:50:22 EDT 2014

On 24 avr. 2014, at 14:18, Marcus Denker <marcus.denker at inria.fr> wrote:

>>>> This seems to have worked: all image tests are green.
>>>> BUT: the Metacello Platformtests fail with a “should not happen”  error.
>>> Did you run the postscript? 
>>> Smalltalk allClassesDo: [ :c | c superclass addSubclass: c ]
>> No, but if that would be inconsistent, there is a test that fails…
>> But I can do it the next update.
> I did one update 30 832 with this. But I guess it will not change anything… after that I will revert
> to 3.0 829.

My bad I confuses issues...
In fact this is not related to this issue but to issue 11596, I never noticed but it has never been integrated!!! 
By running the script I gave back then, you can see that a lot of classes have still a wrong layout!!
That is the scope of the layout of their superclass is not the parent scope of their layout, which give this #shouldNotHappen error

DialogWindowModel class 
MBAbstractInfoList class 
MBLabelInfo class 
MBSpecInfo class 
MCClassDefinition class 
MCClassTraitDefinition class 
MCFileTreeFileSystemUtils class 
MCMethodDefinition class 
MCMockDefinition class 
MCOrganizationDefinition class 
MCScriptDefinition class 
ProfStef class 
SpecDebugActionButton class 
TTLCache class 
TextInputFieldModel class 
UIThemeVistary class 
UIThemeWatery class 
WorldModel class

Please run this script we cannot release Pharo with all these corrupted classes!!!

> 	Marcus

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