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Max Leske maxleske at gmail.com
Sun Apr 20 04:43:06 EDT 2014

Hi Jean Baptiste

We (i.e. netstyle.ch) are still looking for a Seaside / Pharo programmer. If you’re interested in Seaside and if you would consider moving to Switzerland, send us an e-mail.

I’ve included the original job description below.


> Hi all
> We are still looking for web application developers (Smalltalk/Seaside). Because of the lack of applications so far we reduced our primary restrictions:
> - German is not a must anymore, we accept applications from any experienced Smalltalk developers but we expect applicants to speak English fluently.
> - Citizenship does not matter anymore, we are going to take care of your work permit, if necessary.
> - No freelancer applications please, this is a permanent position located in Berne, Switzerland!
> [ Job Description ]
> netstyle.ch is looking for a Seaside web application developer. We are a small, agile and harmonious team located in Berne (Switzerland). With Cmsbox we have developed an award winning Content Management System with hundreds of installations so far. We also develop sophisticated web applications for longterm clients. The successful candidate must have excellent skills in OO software development with a dynamic programming language and fit in a team of young, ambitious engineers.
> For questions and applications please contact me at info at netstyle.ch.
> -- 
> Christoph Wysseier
> netstyle.ch GmbH, CEO

On 19.04.2014, at 19:46, Jean Baptiste Arnaud <jbaptiste.arnaud at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I am Arnaud Jean-Baptiste,
> I am in Post-doc in Rmod team, my post-doc finishes in December. And I am looking for a job position.
> My Experience: 
> Since 5 years, I am in the Rmod team working on Pharo language:
> First I conducted a PhD focused on how to integrate new language features (I reified references), to enforce security policy.
> During my PhD, I acquired a deep knowledge of the Pharo virtual machine, language design and understanding complexe legacy software (when I began a PhD there are no correct documentation to rebuild the VM in a clean way). 
> My PhD can be found on my website: http://jeanbaptiste-arnaud.eu/phd/
> During my Post-doc, I parsed python language using moose for extract security information rely to static analysis. 
> In addition, I worked 6 months with Synectique (software quality company focus on legacy langage), my job was to parse and extract data from Cobol language to provide visualisation (more detail can be found: http://jeanbaptiste-arnaud.eu/cobol/)
> In parallele I cultivate interrest on low level features, I am the maintainer the NBOpenGL implementation and provide some tutorial and simple tool (texture importer, mpeg renderer, etc.).
> I am the actual developer and maintainer of the RaspberryPi PharoVM project: (https://ci.inria.fr/pharo-contribution/view/ARM/), I began to introduce FFI for ARM.
> I am beginning to revive the project of golubovsky,  to generate android version based on the last interpreter.
> Other projects or more fun projects:
>  - Opal compiler, at beginning of my PhD I was developer on the Opal project: 
>  - Storm, a binding of a 2D physical engine (focus for game), I am contributor on the project of Esteban Lorenzano,
>  - Gameboy, I began to do from scratch a gameboy emulator (try to be closest possible of the hardware), on Pharo based on the documentation found on: http://gbdev.gg8.se/wiki/articles/Main_Page, It is fun and I made great advance (graphic/engine/memory/processor ok, need to finish material binding interrupt and debug), but sadly I do not have time anymore.
> Obviously, I am a Pharo contributor.
> Eventually If your are interested on my academic skill my academic CV:
> <CV.pdf>
> Here some peoples that can recommend me:
> Pharo community contacts:
> - Stephane Ducasse, my actual boss lead the Pharo community: 
> 	stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
> - Igor Stasenko, a Senior developer involve in Pharo community: 
> 	siguctua at gmail.com 
> - Esteban Lorenzano, a Senior developer involve in Pharo community:
> 	estebanlm at gmail.com
> Synectique contacts:
> - Nicolas Anquetil, researche and lead member of Synectique:
> 	Nicolas.Anquetil at inria.fr
> - Usman Bhatti, developer and project lead.
> 	usman.bhatti at gmail.com
> Best Regards
> Jean Baptiste Arnaud
> jbaptiste.arnaud at gmail.com

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