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So young, we are so few, very sad.


He pioneered making smalltalk known to the world using screencasts.


There is a lesson for us all, right there.


Thank you James, wherever you are, you'll be missed and be sure your example
lives on us 


sebastian <https://about.me/sebastianconcept> 






On Apr 19, 2014, at 8:11 AM, Stephan Eggermont <stephan at stack.nl> wrote:

On the visualworks mailing list, David Buck wrote:

For those who haven't heard on Facebook, James Robertson passed away 
suddenly on Thursday April 14, 2014.  James was a power house of 
information for Smalltalk and worked furiously through the years to 
promote it through his blog and podcasts.  James was an employee of 
ParcPlace through the ParcPlace/Digitalk merger and through the move to 
Cincom.  When he left CIncom in 2010, he became an independent 
contractor. He was always an early adopter of technology. He jumped into 
the blog scene when it wasn't yet a scene and started recording podcasts 
when podcasts were still new.  Over the years, he recorded thousands of 
podcasts, screencasts, videos of conference talks and interviews making 
them accessible to everyone by podcast channels, youtube and through his 

Funeral information can be found at the following link. 
<http://sollevinson.com/notice.php?lr=loc&id=25422> &id=25422

I'm waiting to hear details about a memorial service to be held later 
this week. 

For all of us who were touched by his life, we say farewell to a good 

David Buck 



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