[Pharo-dev] tiny survey: who uses Pharo Launcher?

Laurent Laffont laurent.laffont at gmail.com
Sat Apr 19 10:24:36 EDT 2014

Hi Esteban,

I use only Pharo Launcher for several months:

1/ ArchLinux, 64 bits

2/ Yes, great improvement in managing images

3/ Suggestions:
- show created & last opened date for existing images. Option to sort by date or alphabetically
- add a comment field for existing images so I could remember why I have this image
- add a search field for templates & existing images
- bookmark some templates (I often download Seaside or Phratch, tired to scroll down) 
- get the descriptions of the jenkins jobs to know what each template is about
- notification that a new version of PharoLauncher is available
- manage common preferences in PharoLauncher:
   - shared package-cache
   - prepare each new image with a set of Metacello configuration & preferences


Le samedi 19 avril 2014, 14:32:18 Esteban Lorenzano a écrit :
> Hi,
> We want to know a bit more about Pharo Launcher, so please, answer this three points if you are using it: 
> 1) which platform are you using?
> 2) is the experience satisfactory/easy enough?
> 3) do you have some feedback for us (bah, for Damien :P)?
> thanks, 
> Esteban

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