[Pharo-dev] James Robertson

Stephan Eggermont stephan at stack.nl
Sat Apr 19 07:11:37 EDT 2014

On the visualworks mailing list, David Buck wrote:
>For those who haven't heard on Facebook, James Robertson passed away 
>suddenly on Thursday April 14, 2014.  James was a power house of 
>information for Smalltalk and worked furiously through the years to 
>promote it through his blog and podcasts.  James was an employee of 
>ParcPlace through the ParcPlace/Digitalk merger and through the move to 
>Cincom.  When he left CIncom in 2010, he became an independent 
>contractor. He was always an early adopter of technology. He jumped into 
>the blog scene when it wasn't yet a scene and started recording podcasts 
>when podcasts were still new.  Over the years, he recorded thousands of 
>podcasts, screencasts, videos of conference talks and interviews making 
>them accessible to everyone by podcast channels, youtube and through his 
>Funeral information can be found at the following link. 
 >    http://sollevinson.com/notice.php?lr=loc&id=25422
>I'm waiting to hear details about a memorial service to be held later 
>this week. 
>For all of us who were touched by his life, we say farewell to a good 
>David Buck 

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