[Pharo-dev] why is MorphFocusCtrlNavigation registered in all morphs?

GOUBIER Thierry thierry.goubier at cea.fr
Fri Apr 18 17:26:55 EDT 2014

Hi Doru,

when I moved the focus navigation to Keymapping, registration was done locally, since the code to navigate is local to the morph (and there was no mecanism for global shortcuts yet).

But still in that case it is just about registering the category, not creating it (i.e. global table, local registration), no?

Crtl+Tab not working on Mac could be a different issue. The vm not generating the event?

Note that Spec usually overrides that navigation, and moving this to a global shortcut would not allow Spec to overrides it anymore. And that would be problematic.

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Objet : [Pharo-dev] why is MorphFocusCtrlNavigation registered in all morphs?


I am working on tool support for debugging keymapping related issues, and I just realized that MorphFocusCtrlNavigation (containing Ctrl+Tab and Shift+Ctrl+Tab) appears to be registered in all morphs.

Is this a bug or is intended? I think this is a prime candidate for a global shortcut. Or?

What is worse, Ctrl+Tab does not seem to work at least on Mac.



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