[Pharo-dev] [ANN] RenoirSt 1.3.0 released!

Gabriel Cotelli g.cotelli at gmail.com
Mon Apr 14 16:19:30 EDT 2014


I'm announcing a new official release of RenoirSt, a DSL enabling
programmatic cascading style sheet generation for Pharo.

Changelog 1.3.0

   - Issue #27 Add missing background and border properties and constants
   - Issue #31 Added missing Text Decoration properties and constants
   - Issue #35 Reviewed Code Critics
   - Issue #39 Support for stand-alone comments (Requested by Maxi Tabacman)
   - Issue #40 Gradient Support
   - Updated Tutorial

Load it in your Pharo 3 image using the Configuration Browser (RenoirSt y
RenoirStPlusSeaside configuratios), or visit the project
 and GitHub repository <https://github.com/gcotelli/RenoirSt> for more
information on the supported and planned features, and check-out the online

I hope you find it useful. Feel free to ask any questions, suggest ideas
and improvements, or report bugs<https://github.com/gcotelli/RenoirSt/issues>
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