[Pharo-dev] 11834 Debugger <Restart> then <Over> does not step over

Ben Coman btc at openInWorld.com
Sun Apr 13 09:59:02 EDT 2014

Has anyone else noticed the different in behaviour between #haltOnce and 
#halt. For example, evaluate the following....
    Halt enableHaltOnce.
    Transcript crShow: 1.
    self haltOnce.
    Transcript crShow: 2.
    self halt.
    Transcript crShow: 3.

When the Debugger appears, select Undefined>>DoIt in the stack,
then <Restart>, then step <Over> until the end of script.

I logged this case a while ago...
but its not clear if there is a bug.

Any opinions?

cheers -ben

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