[Pharo-dev] Pharo tutorials

Sven Van Caekenberghe sven at stfx.eu
Fri Apr 11 18:10:38 EDT 2014

Yes, you are right, this is a bit silly.

It looks as if it's even done on purpose:



	contentMorph := self defaultViewerClass on: self 
			text: nil accept: nil
			readSelection: nil menu: nil.


Not sure what to do, the HelpBrowser does not seem to be Spec based.
It would be nice if we could fix this.

On 11 Apr 2014, at 06:46, Tyler Sperry <r.tyler.sperry at gmail.com> wrote:

>> what is pharo tutorials?
> I just ran across this issue tonight after installing the 4/10 build of
> Pharo 3.0 on a Windows netbook. 
> At first I thought it was a 3.0 beta quirk, but no, things worked the same
> way when I tried it in a 
> fresh 2.0 image as well.
> The problem is that users get to the tutorials from the "Browse tutorials"
> window, which has 
> a different behavior than a window created by the tutorial itself. From
> World > Help > Pharo Tutorials 
> you are in a browser that won't generate menus for selected text. So if you
> navigate in the left pane 
> to "Welcome" you see text that tells you to select "PharoTutorial next." and
> right click your way to a 
> "do it (d)" option. The problem is that you can't actually get *any* right
> click menu for selected right-pane text.
> I'm a Smalltalk noob, but not a *complete* noob, so I tried Alt+d and sure
> enough, I got the next 
> Professor Stef lesson in its own window, where the right click menus work
> fine.
> Thierry's guess about read only status doesn't seem to totally explain the
> issue. You can, for example, 
> pick a random lesson in the "Browse tutorials" left pane and the right pane
> contents will exhibit the same 
> behavior: select + right click doesn't work, but select and Alt+D/P works as
> expected (I.e. Alt-p will 
> alter the lesson's text.)
> I can understand why this subject wouldn't show up for most Pharo users:
> they are experienced 
> Smalltalkers who use the keyboard shortcuts instead of the menus. Given that
> Pharo isn't targeting 
> beginners it's not a big deal, but I would suggest the text for that first
> "Welcome" tutorial lesson be 
> changed to tell the student to use Alt+d or Command+d instead of the current
> frustrating menu 
> suggestion. The second lesson will appear in something like a normal
> workspace window, and that's 
> where the option of keyboard or mouse menu could be explained.
> Tyler
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