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Tyler Sperry r.tyler.sperry at gmail.com
Fri Apr 11 00:46:32 EDT 2014

> what is pharo tutorials?

I just ran across this issue tonight after installing the 4/10 build of
Pharo 3.0 on a Windows netbook. 
At first I thought it was a 3.0 beta quirk, but no, things worked the same
way when I tried it in a 
fresh 2.0 image as well.

The problem is that users get to the tutorials from the "Browse tutorials"
window, which has 
a different behavior than a window created by the tutorial itself. From
World > Help > Pharo Tutorials 
you are in a browser that won't generate menus for selected text. So if you
navigate in the left pane 
to "Welcome" you see text that tells you to select "PharoTutorial next." and
right click your way to a 
"do it (d)" option. The problem is that you can't actually get *any* right
click menu for selected right-pane text.
I'm a Smalltalk noob, but not a *complete* noob, so I tried Alt+d and sure
enough, I got the next 
Professor Stef lesson in its own window, where the right click menus work

Thierry's guess about read only status doesn't seem to totally explain the
issue. You can, for example, 
pick a random lesson in the "Browse tutorials" left pane and the right pane
contents will exhibit the same 
behavior: select + right click doesn't work, but select and Alt+D/P works as
expected (I.e. Alt-p will 
alter the lesson's text.)

I can understand why this subject wouldn't show up for most Pharo users:
they are experienced 
Smalltalkers who use the keyboard shortcuts instead of the menus. Given that
Pharo isn't targeting 
beginners it's not a big deal, but I would suggest the text for that first
"Welcome" tutorial lesson be 
changed to tell the student to use Alt+d or Command+d instead of the current
frustrating menu 
suggestion. The second lesson will appear in something like a normal
workspace window, and that's 
where the option of keyboard or mouse menu could be explained.


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