[Pharo-dev] Random VM crashes

J.F. Rick self at je77.com
Wed Apr 9 07:55:22 EDT 2014


when I have one of my multi-touch programs open, Pharo occasionally (read
once every few days) just crashes. Ubuntu mentions a failure to report to
Ubuntu on the pharovm but I'm not sure how to understand that failure.

I thought it might be one of two things: (1) some sort of problem with
Athens rendering or (2) some sort of problem with the multi-touch events.
Those are really the only things that separate when I'm developing and when
I'm testing. It never crashes when I'm developing, which is a much larger
percentage of the time. Recently, the crash happened when I was not
touching the display. That meant that there would not have been any touch
events to process, nor would an Athens render happen. Strange.

I'm not sure how to proceed. I've turned off the multi-touch support for
the time being to see if it still happens. If so, that would probably
exonerate the multi-touch code. Does anyone else have rare random
unexplained crashes happening while using Athens? Is there anything I could
do to better diagnose the problem. It's fiendish as it happens so rarely
and there is no replicable action that causes it to happen.



Jochen "Jeff" Rick, Ph.D.
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