[Pharo-dev] Bug in Spec layout?

Martin Dias tinchodias at gmail.com
Wed Apr 9 05:23:33 EDT 2014

Hello folks,

When I evaluate in latest Pharo 3:

DynamicComposableModel new
instantiateModels: #(
 a TreeModel
b TreeModel
c TreeModel);
 (SpecLayout composed
newColumn: [ :column |
 newRow: [ :row |
row newColumn: #a.
row newColumn: #b.
 row newColumn: #c width: 80 ] ];


[image: Inline image 2]

Maybe I'm wrong: I expected that #a and #b have the same width. But it
looks like the layout algorithm first splits the space half/half between #a
and #b, and later it only shrinks #b to give the fixed space to #c.

Should I report an issue? or specify layout in other way?

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