[Pharo-dev] Build process of Pharo image

Pharo4Stef pharo4Stef at free.fr
Sun Apr 6 11:09:29 EDT 2014

> I can give you all the Monticello package list, but is it relevant? I
> hardly know 10% of them. Some should probably belong to core other not.
>> do you want an image by default without any tools? I do but we need time.
> I don't understand: with times new important tools were developed, like
> Nautilus and other I don't know I guess. Was it decided these tools
> should be carved in the image or be loaded?

No they should be loaded. Now we should not deliver an image that is not the one we use
so we will put in place a building process from the smaller images, loading the tools we need.
Now we rewrote slowly the tools and we are removing the ones that have been fully rewritten. 
But there is no magic: time and resources.
So give me 1 engineer full time to have the process I dream and it will be there. Now igor is focusing
on texteditor (beside fonts and NB) and esteban the rest :)

> Was not removing old tools
> and using new loadable ones the way to build step by step this core image?

This is what we did: new finder, new message, new changesorter, new browser….

> I confess I very likely don't see the subtle details.
>> so you are right we are concious about it but no resources. 
> Is it really a resource problem?


> With my scarce resources and knowledge I can build automatically drgeo
> with a bash script and a .st file since 1.x for several platform. I
> agree it is more complex with Pharo but…

It is. And Drgeo is just managed by you and not by the community/independant projects.
I asked already one year ago an engineer to build this but he was refused. We resubmitted the project and we are waiting.

> Hilaire
> -- 
> Dr. Geo http://drgeo.eu

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