[Pharo-dev] Build process of Pharo image

Pharo4Stef pharo4Stef at free.fr
Sun Apr 6 04:44:28 EDT 2014

On 05 Apr 2014, at 21:48, Hilaire Fernandes <hilaire.fernandes at gmail.com> wrote:

> Still, I do not get why the newer packages are not loadable with
> configurations instead of been carved in the image. Why can't packages
> developers provide such configurations?

sure give us a list?
	- RB
	- Nautilus
	- spec 
	- Keychain
	- key mapping
	- smart suggestions
	- …..
	- and many more

do you want an image by default without any tools? I do but we need time.

So what we want to do is
	- to have a core mage that the one people use is based on the core + the loading of the components
	and now we are arriving to this situation because before we did not have 
	- for Pharo 4.0 we will get there. Now since it is not easy to unload tools, and I’m busy with other aspects of work 
	we could not do it the way you describe it but this is what we want.
	=> why did we fail
	ok you have a core and some nice configurations
	then a guy report a bug and a fixe
	from this 
	core and configuration we should create a new core AND correctly loading configurations and this is not fully automated yet.
	have a look at Pharo/SystemConfigurations
	You take unReloader you run the scripts and you load the configurations.
	when they fail you fix them and restart. I have been doing that a lot and we will continue but this is booooooring.
	So we should build tools and so far I do not see many people **Helping** beside pavel on this task

so you are right we are concious about it but no resources. 

> Why don't we have an image
> without those packages? Then public images built with. Is it not what
> Jenkins is supposed to do?
> I am afraid the situation looks like Etoys carved in Squeak.

We are fighting against it.
> Hilaire
> Le 05/04/2014 18:32, Marcus Denker a écrit :
>> Yes, we need to look into a more modular build in Pharo4… to not just load updates
>> on the server but instead build from a small core (and possibly even from a bootstrap).
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> Dr. Geo http://drgeo.eu

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