[Pharo-dev] Suggested Syntax Highlighting Features for Beginners

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> On Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 6:41 PM, Ben Coman <btc at openinworld.com> wrote:
> For assignment, I would say bold both := and the variable being assigned to.
> I like that a lot, especially since it draws the two critical elements of variable and assignment together. On a minor note, both := and = are currently the same color: black. That only furthers the ":= is a message" misconception. It might be worthwhile also giving := its own color, given its uniqueness.

yes this would be nice. And a fix for that. 

Did you also see that what I like is to make a distinction between a possible selector and a wrong one? because this is nice.

> Underlining sounds interesting, but there are a few choices:
> a. nested underlining - self someMessage: (self otherMessage: arg 1 and: arg2) and: arg3
> b. non-nested underlining - only underline #otherMessage:and: and not #someMessage:and:
> c. dynamically underline only message where cursor is located.
> I think you could do nested underlining in the same way that nested blocks and parentheses work. someMessage: and the second and: are underlined in black. otherMessage: and the first and: are underlined in green. That way nesting is clear. This would also be useful for code with nested conditionals, probably the most common occurrence of nested multi-part messages. I also like (c) as a minimally intrusive change that could help novices when they write code. It has the disadvantage that novices couldn't look at a piece of foreign code and get where the multi-part messages were. 
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