[Pharo-dev] endless number of call to initializePresenter when opening a debugger!!!

Pharo4Stef pharo4Stef at free.fr
Thu Apr 3 15:21:08 EDT 2014

Can one of you do the following experience to let me know if I’m totally mad or not?

1 - Add 	Transcript show:'initializePresenter'; cr.
in the SpecDebugger>>initializePresenter
as below:

	super initializePresenter.
	Transcript show:'initializePresenter'; cr.
	self flag: 'some of this logic could be moved to the stack widget'.
	self flag: 'The toolbar should not be updated when the list changes, but when an action is perormed.'.
	self stack whenListChanged: [ :aList |
		aList isEmpty ifFalse: [ self stack setSelectedItem: aList first ].
		"Updating the toolbar will result in changing the button widgets.
		If the widget hasn't been opened, there will be no spec, which leads to an error."
		self spec ifNotNil: [
			self updateToolbar ] ].

	self stack whenSelectedItemChanged: [:aContext |
		self updateCodeFromContext: aContext.
		self updateInspectorsFromContext: aContext.
		self stack updateForSelectionChanged ].
	self contextInspector initializeAutoRefresh.

2- open a transcript 

3- open a workspace and execute 1 halt. 

I get a really large number of initializePresenter in the transcript

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