[Pharo-dev] Puzzled

Pharo4Stef pharo4Stef at free.fr
Thu Apr 3 13:41:41 EDT 2014

Hi guys

I need your brain cells.

When I execute the test 

	| context process debugger printedString |
	context := [ 20 factorial ] asContext.

	process := Process 
		forContext: context
		priority: Processor userInterruptPriority.

	debugger := Smalltalk tools debugger new
						process: process
						controller: nil
						context: context.
	debugger stack expand.

	self assert: debugger stack selectedIndex = 1.
	printedString := OpalCompiler isActive 
		ifTrue: [	'[ 20 factorial ] in DebuggerTest>>testBasic']
		ifFalse: [  '[...] in DebuggerTest>>testBasic' ]. 
	self assert: debugger stack selectedItem printString = printedString.
	debugger send.
	debugger send.
	self assert: debugger code getText = (Integer>>#factorial) sourceCode.
	self assert: debugger stack selectedItem printString =  'SmallInteger(Integer)>>factorial'.

two times my image (latest get totally unusable). 
I thought that may be the process should be terminated 
so I added 

	process terminate

But nothing changes. I tried to debug the code but not chance.
I tried self halt after [ 20 factorial ] asContext.

I tried to execute the beginning in a workspace and not as a test to eliminate problem.
But again no chance.

So did I miss something obvious?


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