[Pharo-dev] Don't do this X(

Goubier Thierry thierry.goubier at cea.fr
Wed Apr 2 10:06:25 EDT 2014

Le 02/04/2014 15:59, Sebastian Sastre a écrit :
> Advice:
> Never save a “big" package using monticello (lets say ~2000 classes)
> and then save the image
> Why?
> Because while you don’t have feedback of saving progress* it will be
> doing something on background (forked save?) and if for any reason you
> are tempted to do an image save or save and quit, it will save in a
> state that will prevent the image from opening again
> You have no option but to go to your previous image version or something
> of the kind
> :(
> *saving a package actually provides /some/ feedback on progress but when
> the progress bar finishes, the saving doesn’t actually finish and it
> still have something going on, so you get "silence” (no-feedback) until
> you get the little monticello window with your new package version

I'll profile that to see what's happening.

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