[Pharo-dev] simulator spotted a small problem with initializing stdout for the CommandLineHandler

Eliot Miranda eliot.miranda at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 13:48:26 EDT 2014

Hi Camillo,

    Clément and I are simulating Pharo for Sista and I've spotted the
following small problem with the BasicCommandLineHandler's use of stdout.
 It looks like a bug in MultiByteFileStream>wantsLineEndConversion:.
 BasicCommandLineHandler>>initializeStdout sets stdout's line end
conventuion, but in doing so MultiByteFileStream>wantsLineEndConversion:
sends MultiByteFileStream>detectLineEndConvention, which is wrong, because
stdout is write-only.  I needed to change the simulator to fail as the VM
does, but perhaps a better fix is not to try and read from write-only
streams.  Anyway, thought I'd point it out.  No biggie.

  16r101B18 M MultiByteFileStream>detectLineEndConvention 16r1F3A7A0: a(n)
  16r101B38 I MultiByteFileStream>wantsLineEndConversion: 16r1F3A7A0: a(n)
  16r101B60 I BasicCommandLineHandler(CommandLineHandler)>initializeStdout
16r1F3A654: a(n) BasicCommandLineHandler
  16r101B84 I BasicCommandLineHandler(CommandLineHandler)>initialize
16r1F3A654: a(n) BasicCommandLineHandler
  16r101BA4 I BasicCommandLineHandler>initialize 16r1F3A654: a(n)
  16r101BBC M BasicCommandLineHandler class(Behavior)>new 16r5B04CC: a(n)
BasicCommandLineHandler class
  16r101BD4 M [] in BasicCommandLineHandler class>startUp: 16r5B04CC: a(n)
BasicCommandLineHandler class

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