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This announcement is for those who develop in latest Pharo 3 and are
curious about a more advanced way of recording code changes than the
current ".changes" mechanism.

In particular, it should be useful when your image crashes and you want to
recover lost changes. Some of you may have seen a demo at ESUG.

Epicea is far from stable or beautiful [1], but you can try it and any
feedback or collaboration would be welcome.

Download it

You can download an image from Jenkins ci build [2]. Also you can load it

Gofer it
  smalltalkhubUser: 'MartinDias'
  project: 'Epicea';

Use it


To start recording, do:

EpLog current enable.

After that, any change you do in the image (e.g. creating a class,
modifying a method) will be written in .ombu files in the current working
directory. In fact, not only code changes are recorded but also other
events like snapshots, test runs, Monticello loading and saving, etc.


You have two ways of browsing the recorded stuff:

To browse the current log, do:

EpLog current browse.

To browse any .ombu file in your disk, you can simply drag&drop it into the
image (from Finder in Mac).

Best regards,

[1]: It's needed to:
- implement export/import use case (an alternative to .cs files)
- rethink some concepts
- unit tests
- write more comments
- a lot more

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