[Pharo-dev] [Review needed] fix for Pharo2 "text highlighting incorrect"

Goubier Thierry thierry.goubier at cea.fr
Thu Nov 28 09:27:20 EST 2013

Le 27/11/2013 20:36, Stéphane Ducasse a écrit :
>> That's me
>> the solution provided doesn't work very well either.
>> I would need to spend time on the code used to highlight the selection and reuse it for highlights, but I was on a tight schedule for a demo so I decided to use the selection instead (and gave up for now on refactoring that code with something that clearly knows how to bounds a subset of the text).
>> I'll postpone it for now. If 3.0 gets a new text editor, then that code will be different.
> It will not.
> Igor got stuck and he is sick and depressed right now.

That's sad; I was seriously interested in seeing what Igor has managed 
to do.

I'll spend some time on this issue and set the issues right for 2.0 and 
3.0; many good things can be done with that highlighting working.

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