[Pharo-dev] Patches for Pharo packages you are maintaining

Esteban Lorenzano estebanlm at gmail.com
Sun Nov 24 04:11:19 EST 2013

Truth is that we can do better than others because we can serialize the
stack and rebuild it in another place, making the reproduction of the error
a triviality.
In my infinite TODO list I have: add a "submit bug" button to debugger

Only think that has prevented me to implement it is lack of time... If
someone wants to take this task (not so hard, all the parts needed are
already there), it would be a cool contribution to community.


On Sat, Nov 23, 2013 at 10:51 PM, Lorenz Köhl <lorenz at quub.de> wrote:

> >>> So registering on Pharo tracker *never* worked for me, since I try,
> >>> before the summer.
> >> In the end I think is was a mistake to use fogbugz. For sure it’s nice
> for companies, but
> >> for open sourse projects it just does not work with a closed bug
> tracker.
> >>
> >> Now the question is what is the effort to move to yet another one?
> > I do not like fogbugz but I would not change now.
> > Let us
> >       - make it easy for people to log
> The Racket programming language (racket-lang.org) has in its IDE DrRacket
> a menu item
>         - Submit bug report
> Details about the system and a description of the bug is gathered and sent
> of to a bugs mailing list as well as creating an issue in a bug tracker.
> This way you get the issue number, a possible discussion thread about the
> bug/enhancement and any user can take part. IMHO this is the _right_ way to
> do it.
> Is there something similar for pharo?
> Contributing changes this way might get more complicated though, but
> possible.
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