[Pharo-dev] Slot class builder: Anonymous class modification

Esteban A. Maringolo emaringolo at gmail.com
Sat Nov 23 15:26:18 EST 2013

2013/11/23 Eliot Miranda <eliot.miranda at gmail.com>
> On Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 7:27 AM, Igor Stasenko <siguctua at gmail.com> wrote:
>> imo, a better term to use for it would be 'private class' , because anonymous is a bit fuzzy.
> I disagree.  Anonymous classes is the term that has been used for over two decades.  It means, literally, a class that has no name because it is not in Smalltalk (or in a top-level environment if the dialect has namespaces).  This is not at all fuzzy.  Private class means something quite different, a class that is private to some environment, e.g. a class nested within another class as occurs in SmalltalkAgents or Newspeak.


Anonymous = without name.
There's not much to add to it.


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