[Pharo-dev] SVG described countries in Roassal

Alexandre Bergel alexandre.bergel at me.com
Sat Nov 16 15:44:01 EST 2013


I had fun understanding how countries may be described using SVG.
Here is a first shoot:

Moving the mouse above a country name highlight the country. You can now rehearse your geography.

The complete source code of this example is:

| view element nameComponent label |
view := ROView new.

ROSVGPath countries do: [ :k |
	element := (ROSVGPath path: (ROSVGPath perform: k)) elementOn: k.
	view add: element.

nameComponent := ROElement new.
ROSVGPath countries do: [ :k |
	label := ROLabel elementOn: k asString.
	label @ ROLightlyHighlightable.
	label on: ROMouseEnter do: [ :event | ROBlink highlight: (view elementFromModel: event model asSymbol) ].
	label on: ROMouseLeave do: [ :event | ROBlink unhighlight: (view elementFromModel: event model asSymbol) ].
	nameComponent add: label.
ROGridLayout new
	gapSize: -3;
	lineItemsCount: 15;
	on: nameComponent elements.
view add: nameComponent.
nameComponent translateTo: 0 @ 400.

view openInWindowSized: 1000 @ 700

Alexandre Bergel  http://www.bergel.eu

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