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Athens is a vector graphics library, its not a GUI API. Athens will not
give you buttons, menus, drop down lists and GUI elements. It will give you
however the means to draw all those things and much more.

I am actually making an Athens driven application myself , called
"Hyperion" , a vector graphics editor and I hope also a designer that will
allow you to make GUIs with Athens. But this project will take me a very
long time. The best source right now for learning Athens is the Athens
tutorial, you can find it in the smalltalkhub repo in the Athens-Tutorial
package. It has 32 very useful examples which will give you a very good
idea of what Athens can do.

I will try also to contribute to Athens documentation in the near future ,
but for now I am very new to all this and these things take time.

Also Igor which is the creator of Athens , always welcomes questions in
this list and always replies ;) So don't be shy, ask away :)

On Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 6:39 PM, J.F. Rick <self at je77.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I want to start using Athens for rendering. How do I get started?
> I've gone ahead and upgraded to the latest Pharo 3.0 and taken a look at
> the example classes. While that gives me some ideas about what the Athens
> canvas is capable of (impressive), I have an existing Morphic application
> that I want to redo with Athens rendering. I'm not sure how to begin doing
> that. I couldn't find a tutorial to get me started on doing conversion. Is
> there such a thing? It would be nice to have a morphic example (i.e.,
> multiple morphs composed together all using Athens for rendering) shipped
> with the image.
> Cheers,
> Jeff
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> Jochen "Jeff" Rick, Ph.D.
> http://www.je77.com/
> Skype ID: jochenrick
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