[Pharo-dev] Remove Class Category

Jimmie Houchin jlhouchin at gmail.com
Mon Nov 11 17:33:14 EST 2013


I am wanting to write a method which uninstalls all of the Classes which 
I have created.

I have one which looks like this:


     AllClasses reverse do: [ :c | Smalltalk removeClassNamed: c ]

However the class category which was created to install them into still 
remains. I am having a hard time discovering what method I use to remove 
the category these classes were in.

There are a lot of methods with category in the name. And is quite 
confusing how category and protocol are sometimes used interchangeably. 
I can't tell whether or not they are talking about removing the method's 
protocol categorization or the classes' category categorization. Its not 
until you go read the source that you might learn which you are looking at.

Any help pointing to the method I am looking for is greatly appreciated.


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