[Pharo-dev] Scroll bug since ever. Someone?

Camillo Bruni camillobruni at gmail.com
Wed Nov 6 11:03:10 EST 2013

that happens only on the trackpad if you scroll diagonally ;)
Or well, when you scroll vertically and you are not fully vertical, from time to time you get a horizontal scroll even from the VM which arrives as a keypressed at VM side. Usually some ctrl+shift+arrow combo, which makes your list jump to the location you previously selected:


I think the only proper solution is to have proper scroll events, and to not emulate them with key combinations.

On 2013-11-06, at 16:56, Mariano Martinez Peck <marianopeck at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi guys. We have a bug with the scrolling since I can remember....
> You know...when you scroll down fast, at some point it restarts the scroll in a higher position, making it impossible to really scroll down. If you scroll down slower, it works.
> I guess I am not the only one seeing this problem right?
> Tomorrow we have a sprint here in Argentina. Would I be loosing my hours trying to find this bug? Because as said, I think it's been here since ever....
> Any point?
> Thanks, 
> -- 
> Mariano
> http://marianopeck.wordpress.com

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