[Pharo-dev] Proposal for a Topic for the bachelor/master list [safe-image for teaching]

Gisela Decuzzi giseladecuzzi at gmail.com
Fri Nov 1 14:56:46 EDT 2013

Hi, I don't know where to send the proposal and I think that the list would
be a good place to talk about it.
The main idea is to have a "safe" image, or a way to block or restrict the
modificable parts in the system, in order to avoid mistakes during the

It could include protected packages, reduced browsers showing by default
user packages, configurable rules (by example: you can not create a class
with empty category, you can not create a class with the same name that a
known one).
Maybe we can have a way to configure or to ask for permission to modificate
some parts of the system.
Also, some filters during debugging, to avoid "protected" code.
An easy way to obtain that image

The idea is to reduce the common errors that we make when we start
programming also to help teachers.
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