[Pharo-dev] [ANN] Ephestos

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Sat Dec 28 08:09:31 EST 2013

kilon alios wrote:
> Still long way to go until its really useful but following your advice 
> I decided to release it to public and announce it instead of having it 
> hidden. 
> Ladies , gentleman and hybrids I present to you Ephestos, my visual 
> coding project for graphics and sound. 
> This is my very first project with Pharo and Smalltalk and my second 
> coding project. 
> Just released a version 0.1 so as you can imagine you wont see 
> anything impressive yet but none the less it included my first 
> Ephestos tool, Hyperion a vector graphics editor. Right now it can 
> only edit a single vector straight line and add new lines. 
> I am working now on version 0.2 that will allow you to edit other 
> lines , moving them around with mouse and add support for bezier curves. 
> So its moving .... slowly .... very slowly... but moving none the less :D
> You can find Ephestos here along with installation instructions and 
> how to use Hyperion. Suffice to say you will need Pharo 3 to run it
> http://www.smalltalkhub.com/#!/~kilon/Ephestos 
> <http://www.smalltalkhub.com/#%21/%7Ekilon/Ephestos> 
> I hope I will have Version 1 in January 2015 that will set out the 
> base functionality of Hyperion which will be a complete very basic 
> vector editor with features you will expect to find in a vector editor 
> like moving lines around, editing them, adding new control points to 
> them, making gradients and basic layer support. Will also introduce 
> Prometheas a new documentation system . 
> I would like to thank all people who make Pharo so amazing and cool, 
> my problems with this project have more to do with my understanding on 
> how to code this thing properly than pharo and its libraries. So I 
> definitely did not expected it to be such a smooth ride. 
That looks like a nice start.  I could move the initial line around by 
its handles.  Some thoughts (which are probably on your radar anyway)...
* Tooltips for the buttons would be nice
* Add a superclass to the buttons to site between them and Morph, to 
hold common methods.

Interesting to see your use of Athens, since I haven't used this yet.

For future announcments you may want to include pharo-users mail list, 
since that is a good place to discuss user apps.

cheers -ben

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