[Pharo-dev] Thank you for Pharo

Alexis Parseghian a.parseg at gmail.com
Fri Dec 27 17:27:49 EST 2013

VB>> Thank you for Pharo ….

I'd like to add my voice to this. I've been away from Pharo for
several months, although I kept reading the lists. The amount of stuff
happening since before 2.0 was finalized is just amazing.

VB>> - 64 Bit VM and MultiCore Support
SD> first we will really integrate all the work of eliot.

This too is important to me.

I've found multi-arch in debian sid (amd64) to be broken at best,
which leaves me with just an old notebook (sid i386) to run Pharo on.
Or full-blown i386 virtual machines, which is also far from ideal.

Beyond that, considering its history I like to think of Smalltalk as
inherently multi-platform, and expect (long-term) Pharo to follow in
those steps and be able to run on any system, any arch. (Yes, I'm
aware of the limited resources of the team :) )

On a personal level, beyond debian/amd64 I'd love to be able to run it
on (debian, openbsd) SPARC64...

I'm afraid hacking the VM is beyond me at this point, but I'd like to help.

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