[Pharo-dev] Thank you for Pharo

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Fri Dec 27 06:29:50 EST 2013


> Thank you for Pharo ….
> I am following the development of Pharo since its fork from Squeak, and i am really impressed what you crazy guys all have archived the last years. It all evolved to really nice language,  a fantastic nice looking live programming environment, cool packages and a growing ecosystems.  I have so much fun using Pharo. Thank you.
> 2011 i gave me a push to learn Pharo and last year i decided to do a small research prototype with it. The goal is a tool to analyze and visualize application landscapes. I have implemented a small repository model for the different architecture levels, some data analytic rules on top the model, and some model visualizations.  For visualization i use Roassal/Mondrian. For Data-In/-Export i use simply NeoCSV. Next year i plan to add more data analytic rules, to add model transformation operations to "simulate" landscape transformations (projects), and to use 3D visualizations with Roassal3D (City Metaphor).  If all works fine, we see what 2015 brings ...
> Pharo is really a productivity boost for me. If you are able to play around with the objects in an interactive environment life is getting so much easier.
> My wishes for Pharo:
> - Some kind of "Pharo Capability Map". It is really hard to understand for a newbie what Pharo is all supporting,

we are working on a catalog but people should publish their project and describe them.
But it will come

> what is planed for the future, what the library names are, ....
> - Stable Pharo 3.0

It is coming :)

> - Roassal3D (Roassal is so coooool, one of the killer frameworks for Pharo).
> - More User Interface programming examples
	We will start working on a long tutorial for Spec.

> - 64 Bit VM and MultiCore Support

first we will really integrate all the work of eliot.
> Thank you guys, and best wishes for 2014

you too.

> Volkert

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