[Pharo-dev] [squeak-dev] Re: Why Color rgb components are on 10 bits?

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Thu Dec 26 10:48:38 EST 2013

> Absolutely no idea.
> BitBlt is rich enough (color maps or direct color components, depths, endianness) to make this unpredictable by simply analyzing sender chain in source code (it's too deep and convoluted).
> The best way is to try it, but then one must choose a benchmark, and here again it is a difficult decision, because maybe you didn't bench a path that some other use intensively, how to guess without above analysis?
> I saw those un-necessary mismatch while analyzing Graphics code...
> By a principle of economy, I suggest to remove them.
> Simplifying code a little bit is already a win.
> BTW, did you see that scaled rgb components use 10bits while scaled alpha uses 8?

No :) because I’m totally ignorant of this part and I need time to learn and I’m too busy and too sick because I work too much.

> This was in Squeak already and has been perpetuated in Pharo refactoring...
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