[Pharo-dev] Transparent colors with NBOpenGL?

Ronie Salgado roniesalg at gmail.com
Wed Dec 25 18:12:11 EST 2013


That sounds very interesting. I dream of a virtual world environment such
as Second Life, highly dynamic and completely open source.

But currently I would like to do a simple video game, with toon like
graphic, using bullet for physics. I think that making an actual game
development pipeline would be very interesting.
I would not create a full level editor, modeling software because it takes
too much time, and there is Blender which is open source and very complete.

Some tasks required are as follow:
- An easy way to make bindings for C++ libraries. For this I am going to
start extending SWIG(http://www.swig.org/) so it can generate bindings for
Pharo NativeBoost.
- Bindings for the Bullet physics engine(http://bulletphysics.org/wordpress/).
With the extensions for swig, this is trivial.
- An importer for COLLADA. COLLADA is a XML based asset exchange format,
with a wide support in different 3d model editors, such as Blender.
- For Linux, a new VM display module is required. The current that uses
just X11 suffers of severe tearing and flickering. I would like to make a
display module for the VM that uses SDL2, which is a cross platform library
that supports hardware accelerated graphics, or cross platform creation of
an OpenGL context.
- I think that garbage collection would require some determinism/time
constraint or write some guidelines to avoid triggering the gargbage
collector. When I'm testing the particles, I can see some noticeable pause,
that I attribute to the garbage collector.

Ronie Salgado

2013/12/25 Stéphane Ducasse <stephane.ducasse at inria.fr>

> Ronie
> I was talking about 3D with Igor (because Igor came to Smalltalk because
> he wanted to use it as a game engine and built rendering
> engine in Pascal long long time ago :).
> So I was brainstorming to see what you could do.
> the last time alex show roassal 3D we were thinking that it would be good
> to build a kickstarter show case on something
> sexy (maybe bridging a physical model to 3D)….
> Now what would like to build with NBOpenGL? What are your dreams and how
> could we slice them into tasks that could be reached in a limited amount
> of time.
> Stef
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