[Pharo-dev] UDP Broadcast message

Stephan Eggermont stephan at stack.nl
Thu Dec 19 10:14:20 EST 2013

Norbert wrote:
>To send or receive a broadcast packet you need to put special options on the socket on the native side (setsockopt). You need to >look if the SO_BROADCAST option is mentioned anywhere. If not it won’t work without adding them. And for sending them you >need almost special privileges on the system. This is not a „user feature“. 

And even though it is "the right thing" for lots of situations, your network is also very likely to not do the right thing
with broadcast packets. Etsy decided on using bittorrent protocol to update their production servers indexes, because they
found it too difficult to get their network to do the right thing. They found that their switches were basically livelocked
while dealing with broadcast packets. 


If you want the broadcast to travel a little further, the routers need to be configured not to drop the packets.

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